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Class times may have changed

We have tried to keep days and times consistent with what your child was doing prior, but we have staggered start and finish times to avoid potential unnecessary contact, and to facilitate getting gymnasts in and out of the building. However, changing the training times for some gymnasts was necessary. With our higher level competitive squads, we have reduced the training hours considerably based on expert advice. Athletes have had significant time off training, and to load up too quickly could lead to potential injuries. We will be gradually ramping up back to their full training load over a period of time. A timetable for Term 3 can be found here.

Physical Distancing

Athletes and coaches are required to keep a minimum of 1.5 metres from each other, with a minimum of 4 square metres per person, and a maximum of 10 people per group. The 1.5 metre rule does not apply preschool age children (Kindy Kids Club and Kindergym classes) but it does apply to their parents and caregivers. (from SafeWork Australia)

No Parents will be permitted in the Gym

During this pandemic, we will not be allowing parent spectators in the gym. We will have staff outside the gym to guide your children inside, and also back outside to you once their class is finished. Parents outside must maintain 1.5 metres distance from one another whilst waiting.

No break for squad athletes

Higher level competitive gymnasts will be training reduced hours initially in 3 hour sessions, so break will not be necessary. Please eat before gym, and ensure you bring a full drink bottle to the gym. Gymnasts will of course be able to fill up drink bottles, use bathrooms etc, but it is important to minimise contact as much as practical.


Higher level squad gymnasts will need to have their own container for a block of chalk, which will be for their use only. Chalk will not be shared between gymnasts.

Personal Hygiene

Gymnasts and all staff will wash/sanitise hands when entering the gym, between apparatus rotations, before and after bathroom breaks and before leaving.

If unwell, stay at home!

Please do not bring your child to gym if they feel even the slightest bit unwell, or have any symptoms. Any gymnasts who do appear unwell will be isolated and sent home immediately.

Consistent Squads and No Makeup lessons

Our advice from medical professionals who have been working with Gymnastics Australia is that each squad or training group should be kept together, essentially isolating themselves from athletes in other squads. For this reason, Gymnasts will not be able to switch from their squad or class to another, and we will be unable to provide makeup lessons. Once we are advised otherwise, we will of course revert back to our standard policies regarding make up lessons, class changes etc.

Cleaning of the Gym

Our gym will be disinfected twice daily, and all high touch surfaces will be cleaned between classes and apparatus rotations for squads.

Contact tracing

In the event we are notified of a COVID-19 case or exposure, we will be required to provide names and contact details of those who may have been exposed to Health Authorities for contact tracing purposes. By attending Gymnastics classes with us, you accept this and allow us to pass on your contact details to Health Authorities.
We encourage all parents to download the COVID Safe App.