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Gym Rules

In addition to Carmel & Co Gymnastics Codes of Behaviour, the following safety rules must be adhered to by all participants and parents/Guardians:

  • No jewelery to be worn by gymnasts while training. (this includes watches, earrings, necklaces, toe rings etc)
  • Hair must be tied back, away from the face and eyes, during class.
  • No loose or baggy clothing
  • Trampolinists must wear socks while training.
  • No shoes to be worn into the training area.
  • Children not participating in the class are not permitted on equipment at any time.
  • Gymnasts must always wait on the upstairs seating until class starts.
  • No food or drink is to be taken onto the equipment or matting at any time.
  • No chewing gum permitted in the Gym at any time.
  • Always follow the instructions of your coach.
  • Always walk around the apparatus areas while they are in use.
  • Do not jump or vault into the pit without permission from your coach or checking for other gymnasts first.
  • Parents/Guardians must turn mobile phones off, or put them on silent while inside the building.
  • Parents/Guardians must adhere to the designated viewing hours for the various Gymsports:
    • Squad Viewing Hours – The Last 30 mins of training session
    • Kindy Kids Club – Must Drop off and arrive for pick up no earlier than 15 minutes before the end of class.
    • All other classes – Parents are permitted to watch the entire session.
  • Always notify administration of any changes to medical details or emergency contact details for your child/children.
  • Participants who are suspected of having a contagious condition such as chicken pox, measles, conjunctivitis, head lice etc will not be able to participate, and parents will be notified to collect them.
  • Parent/Guardians or other spectators must not yell out, or interfere with the classes being conducted. If you have any concerns, please see a staff member at reception, or the head coach at the end off the class.
  • No video or still photography. The flash may cause an injury and it is also against our member protection policy. During events, photography (of your child only) is permitted provided your flash is turned off.
  • No Nut products permitted in the Gym. Some children are highly allergic.
  • Children must not leave the building unless accompanied by a parent or Guardian.
  • Your children are your responsibility when they are not training – both before and after their class.


Fees Policy

  • Term fees must be paid in full in the first 2 weeks of term for all new and existing members. Failure to do so will result in additional account keeping fees and your child will not be able to attend gym until all outstanding fees are paid. Carmel and Co Gymnastics encourages all parents to pay term fees in full before the term commences and doing so will attract a 10% discount.
  • Once your child is enrolled for the term, their term fees are not refundable except due to injury or illness. Refunds and credit for the balance of term fees, less 20% admin fee, will only be provided upon receipt of a doctor’s certificate.
  • In the event that term fees are not paid, and the debt is handed over to an external debt collection agency, all costs incurred by Carmel & Co gymnastics in doing so will be passed on in the form of additional fees.
  • Gymnast re-enrolling must pay for a full term i.e. if it is a ten week term, they must pay for 10 weeks even if they will be away the first, or last week for example. Gymnasts are entitled to make-ups for the missed week once fees are paid in full.
  • Once a gymnast attends the first lesson of a term, (excluding trial lessons for new members) they have enrolled for the full term and acknowledge that full term fees are therefore due. Even if gymnasts have not paid and quit gymnastics in week 2, they will still be liable for a full terms fees. If not paid, the debt will be handed over to an external debt collection agency, and the costs incurred by Carmel & Co Gymnastics in doing this will be passed on in the form of additional fees. In addition, registration transfer to any other gymnastics club in Australia will be refused until all fees are paid in full.
  • In the event you are unable to pay for term fees in the first 2 weeks, you must see administration and you may be eligible for a payment plan. (Only available to gymnasts who train 2 days per week or more.) Payment plan applications are available from admin. To be eligible, you must apply before term starts – not in week 2 when you are unable to pay full term fees)
  • Gymnasts who still have term fees outstanding from the previous term will not be permitted to re enrol, and will lose their position in the class.


Make up lessons

  • Makeup lessons are available only to those gymnasts whose term fees are paid for in full Parents/gymnasts must phone in if they are unable to attend gym in order to qualify for a makeup lesson. Makeup lessons may be refused depending on gymnast numbers on a particular day.
  • Makeup lessons are used to cover absences of 2 weeks or less (refunds or credit are used for absences greater than 2 weeks as the result of injury or illness only) Medical certificates are not required unless the absence has been the result of an injury in which case a clearance certificate is required by a doctor (this ensures the gymnast is fit to train again)
  • Makeup lessons can be used for any class within the club to the same value.
  • Makeup lessons can only be used within the current term and are not transferable to next term or holiday training or programs.



  • Credit or refunds are not given for unexplained absences or if gymnasts decide they no longer want to do gymnastics. If full term fees are not paid at the time of quitting, parents will still be charged for full term fees.
  • Credit or refunds are not given as a result of gymnasts attending club events or competitions when their usual classes are on. Coaches are present at these events and as such are considered part of their regular gymnastics activities. Gymnasts unable to attend such events, and where no regular classes are held as a result, are entitled to a makeup lesson.
  • Credit or refunds are only provided for absences greater than 2 weeks, and upon receipt of a doctors certificate along with a clearance certificate (this ensures the gymnast is fit to train again) The credit or refund for the absence incurs a 20% administration fee.
  • Credit may be given if a gymnast is absent for less than 2 weeks but unable to return to their full training schedule as a result of injury/illness for more than 2 weeks. This is at the discretion of the head coach and administration.
  • If a gymnast will be away for 4 consecutive weeks or more within the term, (Family overseas holiday for example), credit may be given at the discretion of Management provided application is made in writing at least 1 month prior to the absence, If approved, a 20% holding fee of the usual weekly fees will be charged to hold your child’s position in that class / classes.
  • Credit or Refunds will not be given in the event of a Natural Disaster (eg Flood, Storm, Cyclone, Fire etc).


Ordering Uniforms and Handgrips

  • Uniforms, handgrips, shoes, leotards, tracksuits etc will only be ordered once payment is received in full.
  • If your child does, or is entering into a competitive program, you should allow up to 6 weeks when ordering. In many instances, uniforms are sourced overseas and will take this long to arrive. If you leave your order until the week or two before a competition, you will not have it in time.

Competition entry fees

  • Competition entry notes will be given to those children to whom they are relevant. We endeavour to give Parents and Gymnasts as much notice of events as possible. If payment is not received by the due date stated on the form, then your child will not be able to compete in that event. (If late entries are accepted by event organizers, any late fees they charge will be passed directly on to you)


Privacy Policy

Carmel & Co Gymnastics is committed to protecting your privacy. We will collect, use, disclose and hold personal information in accordance with the privacy act 1998 (the act).

We will only disclose personal information to other organisations that we believe is necessary to assist in providing our services.

The organisations to which we disclose information include:

  • Outsourced service providers who manage the services we provide to you, including:
  • Insurers
  • Sport Education Section (ASC)
  • Gymnastics Australia and NSW Gymnastics Association.
  • Our professional advisors, including our accountants, auditors and lawyers.
  • Government and regulatory authorities and other organisations, as required or authorized by law.


Code of behaviour – Parents / Guardians

  • As a parent of a participant in any activity held by or authorized by Carmel & Co Gymnastics, you must meet the following requirements in regard to your conduct during any such activity or event:
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of others.
  • Remember that your child participates in sport for their own enjoyment, not yours.
  • Focus on your child’s efforts and performance rather than winning or losing.
  • Never ridicule or yell at your child and other children for making a mistake or losing a competition.
  • Show appreciation for good performance by all participants (including opposing participants)
  • Demonstrate a high degree of individual responsibility especially when dealing with or in the vicinity of persons under 18 years of age, as your words and actions are an example.
  • Respect officials’ decisions and teach children to do likewise.
  • Do not physically or verbally abuse or harass anyone associated with the sport (participant, coach, judge, etc).
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every young person regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion.
  • Be a positive role model.
  • Allow fellow parents the respect they deserve in their viewing, or involvement in their child’s participation.
  • Be aware of the repercussions that any breaches of this code of behaviour may incur.
  • Do not contact the media for publicity regarding the results of your child or any other. Carmel & Co Gymnastics will arrange editorials and photos on behalf of gymnasts.
  • Do not contact State or National coaches (except those affiliated with Carmel & Co Gymnastics) regarding selection decisions, results etc. Any complaints or queries should be dealt with internally first.


Code of behaviour – Participants

  • Participants must meet the following requirements in regard to your conduct during any activity held or authorized by Carmel & Co Gymnastics:
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of fellow participants, coaches, officials and spectators.
  • Do not tolerate acts of aggression.
  • Respect the talent, potential and development of fellow participants and competitors.
  • Care for and respect the equipment provided to you as part of your programme.
  • Be frank and honest with your coach concerning illness and injury and your ability to train fully within the program requirements.
  • Conduct yourself in a professional manner relating to language, temper and punctuality.
  • Maintain high personal behaviour standards at all times.
  • Abide by the rules and respect the decision of officials, coaches and club personnel, making all appeals through the formal process and respecting the final decision.
  • Be honest in your attitude and preparation to training. Work equally hard for yourself and your team.
  • Cooperate with coaches and staff in the development of programs to adequately prepare you for competition at the highest level.


Closed Door Policy

Carmel & Co Gymnastics operate under a closed door policy for competitive programs. Parents and guardians are asked to adhere to the viewing hours below:


  • Squad Viewing Hours – The Last 30 mins of training
  • Kindy Kids Club – Must Drop off and arrive for pick up no earlier than 15 minutes before the end of class.
  • All other classes: Parents are permitted to watch the entire session.


Discipline Policy

Disciplinary action will be taken by Carmel & Co Gymnastics against anyone who is found to be in breach of the codes of behaviour or gym rules.

Disciplinary action will follow a three-phase education process to allow more than enough guidance in correcting inappropriate behaviour.


  • Phase one – Club to counsel offender and explain the breach
  • Phase two – Offender suspended from attending events and training sessions if a breach of the same nature occurs in a 12 month period.
  • Phase three – Membership will be removed permanently for a third offence in a 12 month period


Return to Gym after illness/injury

Before a child returns to the gym after they have suffered from a significant injury or illness, they must consult a health professional (i.e. doctor, physiotherapist, etc.) and we must receive a doctor’s certificate or rehabilitation report as written proof that the child is fit enough to return to training. This is for the health and safety of all gymnasts.

Physical Injury: For any injury, we must receive clearance in the form of a letter or phone call from the doctor or health professional, explaining the injury, advised treatment and any physical limitations that your child may have. This is to prevent your child from experiencing any further injury or harm and to provide optimum recovery.

Illness: For any contagious illness or condition such as chicken pox, measles, conjunctivitis etc., the child must stay away from the gym for the recommended time. On return, we must receive a medical certificate as clearance to ensure that your child’s illness is no longer contagious.


Food Policy

  • Several Gymnasts at our club are allergic to peanuts, and some nut products in general. For this reason, no nut products are allowed in the gym.If your child is highly allergic to particular foods, please provide an epi-pen. We will store this at reception while your child is here.
  • For 3 hour classes and longer, please provide your child with a healthy snack such as fruit, sandwiches, salad etc. Gymnasts do get a break in the middle of their training session and we encourage healthy eating.
  • Please do not send your child with food that requires preparation or cooking.Our staff are are also have their meal break when your child does, and we will not take responsibility for re-heating food, boiling water for noodles etc.
  • Please send your child to Gym with a cold drink. We also have a water cooler and sell drinks in reception if required. No drinks are permitted in the training area of the gym at any time



Could all Parents/Guardians please inform administration by completing a “change of details form” (available at reception) or alternatively email us if any of the following occur:

  • A change of address, phone numbers or emergency contact details.
  • A change in any custodial agreements.
  • Of any new medical conditions we should be aware of.
  • If you would like to change classes or days your child attends gym. (This is not automatically approved. Some classes are full, and some levels train on specific days. Coaching staff must approve transfers in days/classes)


Lost Property

If your child loses property such as clothing, drink bottles, hand grips etc, please be sure to check the lost property as soon as possible. A staff member will direct you to lost property. Given how large the collection of lost property gets in one term, any unclaimed clothing, drink bottles etc. are donated to the Smith Family at the end of each term.


Member Protection

Carmel & Co Gymnastics is committed to providing a sport and work environment free of discrimination and harassment. We believe that anyone who works for us or represents us, and everyone with whom we deal, has the right to be treated with respect and dignity.

Carmel & Co Gymnastics will not tolerate discriminatory or harassing behaviour under any circumstances. We will take all complaints of harassment or discrimination seriously, and will ensure they are dealt with promptly, sensitively and confidentially. Disciplinary action will be taken against a person who is found in breach of this policy.

All of Carmel & Co’s staff undergo working with Children checks to ensure they are clear to work with children and young people.


Holiday Program Parent Handbook

Please download and read our Holiday Program Parent Handbook below. It contains our rules, policies and procedures that you need to know. On your enrolment form, you will be required to sign, saying that you have read, and understand the information in this handbook.

Holiday Program Parent Handbook