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Your first lesson at Carmel & Co Gymnastics

A warm welcome to everyone who is looking to get involved in the sport of gymnastics! In addition to our traditional competitive gymnastics programs, we also offer Kindergym, Kindy Kids club, recreational, tumbling and trampolining classes for gymnasts of all ages and abilities. The “our classes”  section of this website will give you more specific information about the gymsports we offer, and also allow you to book in a trial lesson.

Our coaches are accredited and qualified with Gymnastics Australia and we have been instructing children of all ages and ability levels in Gymnastics now for over 30 years and have produced some outstanding athletes in that time. But more importantly, we’ve had loads of fun! We believe gymnastics really is for everybody.

Your child’s first lesson

Your first lesson at Carmel & Co Gymnastics is a trial lesson where you only pay for one lesson. This is to see if your child likes the class before they enroll and pay full term fees, and annual registration (due on the second visit) On your first visit, our staff may ask you to complete an enrolment form to ensure we have all the information we need for the safety and well being of your child.

Your child will then be introduced to their coaches. We have a large viewing area upstairs and parents are welcome to stay and watch (Parents are not allowed to stay for levels training,  or Kindy Kids Club. Please see our closed door policy for more information)

If you choose not to return after the trial lesson, your child will be removed from the class roll and the position given to another child. (If you are unable to attend the second lesson for some reason, but do intend to join, please notify us so your child’s place in the class is held)

What to wear and bring

Generally anything comfortable but not too loose. Gymnasts will be upside down and will often need assistance from coaches so loose clothing can be a hazard. Shorts, singlets, crop tops, leotards or tights are all good. We do sell leotards, but they are purely optional for non-competing gymnasts.

Shoes need to be removed before starting Gym (socks remain on for trampolining only). All jewellery including rings, bracelets, watches, earrings and hair clips must be removed. (small stud earrings are acceptable) Long hair should also be tied back so as not to impede vision.

Also, bring a cold drink as gymnasts will be very active! (although we do have a water chiller and canteen)

Fees Policy

All Parents and Guardians must pay the registration fee along with their term fees on the second lesson. Registration covers their insurance through Gymnastics Australia and gymnasts will not be able to participate until this is paid. All term fees are paid in the first 2 weeks of each subsequent term. Class numbers will be limited so those who pay first will have a permanent position in the class of their choice. Please read the fees policy on your enrolment form carefully. By attending the second lesson, or the first lesson of the following term, you have acknowledged that your child has joined for the full term, and full term fees are therefore owed. (refunds are not given if your child changes their mind, and you will still owe full term fees if not already paid)

Fees can be paid by cash or card, over the phone(Visa or Mastercard only) or on our website.

Make up lessons are only available for injury or illness. (please see our fees policy for more detailed information)

Gym Safety Rules

  • No jewellery to be worn by gymnasts while training.
  • Hair must be tied back, away from the face and eyes, during class.
  • No loose or baggy clothing
  • Trampolinists must wear socks while training.
  • No shoes to be worn into the training area.
  • Children not participating in the class are not permitted on equipment at any time.
  • Gymnasts must always wait on the upstairs seating until class starts.
  • No food or drink is to be taken onto the equipment or matting at any time.
  • No chewing gum permitted in the Gym at any time.
  • Gymnasts must follow the instructions of your coach.
  • Gymnasts must walk around the apparatus areas while they are in use to prevent collisions.
  • Parents/Guardians must turn mobile phones off, or put them on silent while inside the building.
  • Parents/Guardians must adhere to the designated viewing hours for the various gym sports:


After 6:30pm on Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri


Drop off and pick up no earlier than 15 mins before class ends.


  • Always notify administration of any changes to medical or contact details for your child.
  • Parent/Guardians or other spectators must not yell out, or interfere with the classes.
  • No video or still photography.
  • No Nut products permitted in the Gym. Some children are highly allergic.
  • Children must not leave the building unless accompanied by a parent or Guardian.

Your children are your responsibility when they are not training – both before and after their class.

In Summary:

  • Bring a cold drink (or the canteen sells them)
  • Bring a completed enrolment form, or parents can fill one out when they arrive
  • Hair tied back – no jewellery except stud earings
  • Comfortable clothing such as tights or shorts and a singlet or T shirt
  • No shoes on the training area but please bring socks for the Trampoline
  • Your first visit is a trial. If you return after the trial, full term fees and annual registration are due on the second visit
  • Parents must not yell out or interfere with the class
  • No photography permitted in the gym