Carmel & Co Gymnastics will be commencing an exciting new gymnastics program from Term 2, 2019. Team Gym is aimed at all levels of Gymnasts with a focus on fun, friendship and fundamentals. An information package on Team Gym can be downloaded here.

Classes are held on Monday from 4:45pm - 5:45pm, and Thursday 5:45pm - 6:45pm.

     Team Gym has taken off in Europe—it has the largest participant base of all other Gym sports by far, and is rapidly gaining momentum in Australia. This is due to the fact it is easily accessible, It doesn’t require high skill level, or huge training hours while giving athletes a chance to make friends, gain confidence, develop new skills such as flipping, tumbling  and turning and show casing their skills in a supportive team oriented environment.

     It is an exciting Gymnastics for All program that can be used for displays at school fetes, Club Open days or as a competition event for teams of gymnasts, aged 5 years and over, providing an opportunity for performances on 3 different apparatus. Team Gym competitions and championships are held regularly in the UK and Europe and are developing in the USA.

     Team Gym exhibits gymnastics skills in three different disciplines; Floor, Tumbling and Single Mini Tramp. It is common for the performance to demonstrate effective teamwork, good technique in elements and spectacular acrobatic skills. Teams consist of 6 to 12 gymnasts with each athlete competing all 3 disciplines, and may be in beginner, intermediate or advanced category.

     Performed on a full floor area and to music. It emphasises is on based on good and smooth teamwork with expressive presentation. Floor is a unity that consists mainly of gymnastic elements. The choice of elements must suit the level and maturity of the team as well as the music.

     A congruent and good technical performance, properly linked movements, certainty of execution and synchronization as well as expressive presentation is pursued.

     Teams perform tumbling series on a long tumbling lane with good "streaming" i.e. consecutively and close to each other.

    The Tumble routine is performed to music. Each team performs two different rounds. Each series must consist of at least two different acrobatic elements, without intermediate steps.

Single Mini Tramp
    Teams perform skills on the Tramp with good streaming. The Tramp routine is performed to music. Each team performs four different passes – 2 single runs and 2 synchronised runs.

Team Gym Class fees are $16-40 per lesson, and are paid by the term along with an Annual Registration fee. (Please see our Fees Policy for more information)

    For more information on Team Gym, or to book in a trial lesson, please contact us.

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