Classes are still running

Andrew Blades - Thursday, March 19, 2020

Gymnastics Classes are still running

Dear Parents & Caregivers,

          In the current COVID-19 pandemic facing Australia and the world, Carmel & Co Gymnastics staff and Parents need to be vigilant in enforcing good hygiene practices in our Gymnastics Centre. Although we are under the "100 people gathering for non-essential events" rule, we can further minimise the potential for transmission of viruses by adopting the following practices until further notice:

  • Children with the slightest of coughs, temperature, running nose or who don't feel well must not attend training. Children who appear unwell will be sent home immediately.
  • We discourage parents from being upstairs in the viewing area - it's a far better option to drop off and pick up. (except Kindergym which requires Parental involvement)
  • Coaches & Children must wash or sanitise hands before training, after bathroom use, before and after break.
Social Distancing:

  • There will be no more Partner conditioning (eg Partner squats, handstands etc)
  • All Children must bring there own drink bottles - Drinking from the tap is strictly prohibited.
  • Coaches will keep spotting to a minimum.
Cleaning & Sanitation:

  • Bathrooms, benches, sinks, taps, toilets, drink stations are all disinfected before morning and afternoon sessions.
  • Hard floors are disinfected before morning and afternoon sessions.
  • Soft floors / and carpeted mats are sprayed with sanitiser daily.
  • Vinyl mats, boxes, wedges, shapes and wall bar pads are all wiped down with disinfectant daily.
As the situation continues to evolve on a daily basis, we will notify you via email if anything changes. 

Kind Regards,
Carmel & Andrew Blades
Carmel & Co Gymnastics