Gymnastics Closure

Monday, March 23, 2020

Dear Parents,

As most of you are by now aware, the Australian government has shut down all non-essential services, which includes Gymnastics clubs.

There is a lot of uncertainty about how long the shut down will be enforced, but we will most certainly ride out the storm and re-open once we are allowed!

This is an extremely difficult time, for our wonderful coaching team, and ourselves, and the wider community in general, particularly those who are at higher risk from COVID-19 – so please take care and keep yourselves safe.

 We really appreciate your support, and our coaching team will miss the smiling faces in the gym every day. We cannot wait until we get the green light to start training again!

We will be communicating via email and facebook to keep you updated on all developments, and of course when we find out we can re-open. We will also be sending conditioning plans out to squad parents to ensure strength and flexibility are maintained, as well as some instructional videos of gymnastics specific skills that Parents will be able to help their children with.

Please keep social distancing, and self-isolating if required. This is the only way that Australia can get on top of this virus, and children can resume their normal sporting lives.

Kind Regards,

Carmel & Co Gymnastics Coaching Team

Gymnastics Closure Monday, March 23, 2020


Parent Viewing Suspended until further notice

Friday, March 20, 2020

Carmel & Co Gymnastics continues to remain open, but in light of recent guidelines set by the Australian Government and Gymnastics Australia, we are minimising the number of people in the gym at any one time.

To implement this, we need your help. With the exception of our under 5 years Kindergym Program, no Parents or spectators will be allowed to stay and watch classes.

Please drop off and pick up your child at the end of class promptly. Our staff will be providing assistance for the wellbeing of your child, involving guiding them to the hand wash station, and then into the appropriate class group.

We will continue to do our best to provide gymnastics for your children, so your co-operation would be greatly appreciated.

Parent Viewing Suspended until further notice Friday, March 20, 2020


Classes are still running

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Gymnastics Classes are still running

Dear Parents & Caregivers,

          In the current COVID-19 pandemic facing Australia and the world, Carmel & Co Gymnastics staff and Parents need to be vigilant in enforcing good hygiene practices in our Gymnastics Centre. Although we are under the "100 people gathering for non-essential events" rule, we can further minimise the potential for transmission of viruses by adopting the following practices until further notice:

  • Children with the slightest of coughs, temperature, running nose or who don't feel well must not attend training. Children who appear unwell will be sent home immediately.
  • We discourage parents from being upstairs in the viewing area - it's a far better option to drop off and pick up. (except Kindergym which requires Parental involvement)
  • Coaches & Children must wash or sanitise hands before training, after bathroom use, before and after break.
Social Distancing:

  • There will be no more Partner conditioning (eg Partner squats, handstands etc)
  • All Children must bring there own drink bottles - Drinking from the tap is strictly prohibited.
  • Coaches will keep spotting to a minimum.
Cleaning & Sanitation:

  • Bathrooms, benches, sinks, taps, toilets, drink stations are all disinfected before morning and afternoon sessions.
  • Hard floors are disinfected before morning and afternoon sessions.
  • Soft floors / and carpeted mats are sprayed with sanitiser daily.
  • Vinyl mats, boxes, wedges, shapes and wall bar pads are all wiped down with disinfectant daily.
As the situation continues to evolve on a daily basis, we will notify you via email if anything changes. 

Kind Regards,
Carmel & Andrew Blades
Carmel & Co Gymnastics

Classes are still running Thursday, March 19, 2020